Airport Pick Up Instructions

What to do once you land at the airport?

Once at the airport, please follow these instructions:

Before you call (815) 200-9604, make sure you are ready to go. Do not call if you are still in the plane or waiting on your luggage.
1) Whether you checked luggage or not, please proceed to the baggage claim level.
2) Once you have all of your pieces of luggage, please call us at (815) 200-9604.
3) Our dispatcher will ask for your last name, and will then tell you the door number to exit to meet your driver.
4) To help you find your vehicle, you will be given a description of it along with its license plate number.
5) Please be aware that Airport regulations require livery vehicles to remain in a holding lot until we have heard from the passenger, so it may take anywhere from 5-15 minutes for the car to reach you.
If you have booked a greeter at the airport then you will find him at your baggage claim carrousel.

Most times drivers will text message you before you land. If you do not get the text message, Please call A1 Rockford Limo Immediatly after you pick up your luggage. (815) 200-9604